Story: Money Can't Buy Happiness

A Story
Money Can't Buy Happiness(Part-1)

"Money Can't Buy Happiness" Mr. Adrian highlighted these four words on the blackboard while teaching the chapter Rich people also Cry and suddenly alex eyes wondered on those four words.
Its been 6 days now since alex is sad about those 70 ($) he lost in his school premises and he still can't figure out why such paper money has this much importance in his life. So, he went to his mom ( Mrs. Menda) and asked her
(Here's the conversation between alex and his mom)
Alex-  Mom can i ask you something?
Mrs. Menda- Yeah of course, my son.
Alex- "Money Can't Buy Happiness" is that true mom?
Mrs. Menda- Yes, My son it's true. Money can't give us the real happiness. Money can help you to buy your favorite things but it can't buy happiness for you and money is not everything.
Alex- If so, then why i'm so upset about those 70 ($). Why? i'm so sad about them!
Mrs. Menda- Alex don't think about them, They are gone. You won't get them back by thinking about them, Now go to your room and study.

Alex still didn't get the right answer. So, he went to his room and kept on thinking about what he should do to figure out why those lost money is making him upset and why he is upset if money isn't everything.
Alex started writing down the things which can make him happy and as he finished he realized money can buy all the things he has written down and that's why he is so upset then why people say "Money Can't Buy Happiness".

It was 10:20 P.M. . So  he still has the time to call her friend and ask her what she thinks.
(Here's the conversation between Alex and Ellie)
Alex- Hey Ellie. (Sigh)
Ellie- Hey.
Alex- What you doing?
Ellie- Nothing much just choosing my nail paint color.
Alex- Oh! You girly girl :P
Ellie- Ha Ha :D So, What's up? Are you still upset about those 70 ($).
Alex- Yeah, I'm. Ok tell me what you think?
Ellie- About what?
Alex- Why "Money Can't Buy Happiness"? 
Ellie- Oh! Is this from that  rubbish chapter of our textbook? Well, I haven't read it yet.
Alex- Neither  I. I'm just asking in general What You think can money buy happiness?
Ellie- Yeah, I guess. 
Alex- Really!! How?
Ellie- Well i read somewhere that Money can't buy happiness but somehow, it's more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle. Ha Ha
Alex- lol. Alright, I gotta go now. Talk to you later. Bye and Take Care. 
Ellie- Ok, Bye.

(Alex figured out a new thing that "Money Can't Buy Happiness" but it can satisfy our needs)
Alex was too frustrated by thinking too much so he went to sleep.