Alone Girl Story

This story is about the girl who learned to live alone.
She used to sit alone in her classroom. She used to walk alone because nobody likes talking to her. She used to be alone all the time. She failed in almost everything in her life. She was tired of the insults and the pain she had inside. People used to laugh at her all the time, make fun of her, follow her to insult her more and more.
She was tired of the way she chooses to fight with her pain. She used to cry all night. She used to stair the walls all the time and remember her pain and the shit she had in her life.

She started thinking she is not good enough for anyone. She was so tired of trying and she started loosing interest in almost everything. It was all too much for her and she wasn't able to bear her pain anymore So she finally decided to end her life and end all this pain to get peace, to free herself from the worries, insults and unbearable pain she has.

It was a dark night and she was sitting at the bank of the river. She decided to jump in the river and end this life but before doing that she thought of remembering everything she had. She closed her eyes and started remembering all those people who have hurt her, insults she suffered, all the mistrust and the unbearable pain she has and suddenly she felt like everyone is standing around her and insulting her again, making fun of her, laughing at her and it was so bad . . She had to open her eyes and what she realized that she is all alone there at the bank of the river, no one is following her to insult her right there right now, no one is laughing at her, no one is there to give her pain and break her trust.

She realized if she will always keep in her mind that she is alone in this world then there will be no one to hurt her, no one to give her pain, no one to break the trust and promises again and she will not have to cry all night for her pain. She realized that she has to learn to live alone in this world because the only person who can help her is she herself. Only she can help herself and pick herself up whenever she falls down.
On that night she hugged herself tight and promised herself that she will never leave herself alone and she will fight alone with whole world because she does not have to worry about the pain anymore as she is learning to live alone all on her own.

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Written By Shubhanshu Tiwari