How to forget your past mistakes and move on

Make Mistakes And Learn
Another helpful article to show you how to forget your past mistakes and move on.

It's really hard to forget the mistakes you have made in your past life but making mistakes and learning from it is one of the best way to learn in this life. All your past  mistakes have made you what you are today so don't forget what your past has taught you. Forget the past mistakes but not the lessons. May be you've done a lot of mistakes but there isn't a single mistake that isn't forgivable and cant be correct later.

 If you keep looking at the things you have left behind and keep thinking about what you could do then you will never be able to see the things waiting for you and all those opportunities waiting for you in your life ahead. 

All you gotta do is focus on what you possibly can and believe in yourself. If you want to give your best then you have to accept your worst.

Let me explain this with an example if you place the first button of your shirt at the wrong place then all button will get into the wrong place but at the end you will left with a button and realize you have made mistake and your shirt isn't buttoned properly but you are still left with one button and that is what we call opportunity to get back on the path and realize we were wrong. 

What you'll do when you realize you buttoned shirt wrongly simply you will unbutton your shirt and this time button your shirt carefully and put the first button at the right place in the same way when you will try to learn from your mistakes and realize where you went wrong then you will find a way to get back on your path and then all you gotta do is take the first step carefully.

Don't forget from the experience of your past, with the opportunities of your present you have the power to create a picture of your future.

You have made mistakes but that's OK if you're willing to correct them and get back on your path. Remember you always have a chance to get back on your path no matter how long you went wrong. 

You can still enter the battle of life again and fight back, beat the odds, take your stand and prove who you're because some part of yours still know that you can do it.

Everyone at some point in their life make mistakes no one is perfect and act in a stupid manner but your mistakes never define you, the way your learn from it define who you really are and the true you lies within you.

 Never forget who you're and what you want to be.

I know it's not so easy but you still can do it by learning from your past mistakes.

Written By Shubhanshu Tiwari