How to leave the past behind and move on

Leave Your Past Behind
Another helpful article to show you how to leave your past behind and move on.

Forgetting past and moving on is one of the hardest step to take.Not thinking about what we left behind,forgetting our past mistakes,forgetting those unexpected moments,those hard times of our life and all those bad incidents happened With to us in our past life isn't so easy to forget. those moments of our past for which we ask why me? why it has happened to me ? did i deserve that? 

For some people past is the best the best place to visit and some people hate to look back and accept their past and whatever happened with them.

Always remember if you keep looking at the things you left behind and keep thinking about what you could possibly do, then you will never be able to see the things waiting for you in your life ahead and you will not be able to focus on what you can do.

I know it's not so easy to forget your past and all those bad things happened to you which have broken you from inside and you feel like you are not even able to stand on your own anymore, you cannot feel your existence but my friend life is for living not living up tight. 

You know the best thing about you is you are holding on for so long and all on your own, that is your strength, that is what makes you strong enough to fight back.

You have suffered a lot but only pain can makes a person stronger and it's the proof that you are strong now.There are people who cannot even handle what you have gone through and you must be proud of yourself because you have done something extraordinary for your life and you are making yourself a miracle for your own life.

 Always remember if you will try to find yourself in your past then you will be no where in your future but if you will try to create yourself in your present , then you will become the writer of your future.

Your past has gone, it does not exists anywhere and its never gonna come back again. You cannot judge your future with your past because it's stupid.

You have today in your hands and today is the first day of your life ahead. You still can turn your  life through a 360* turn no matter how long you went wrong in your life.

Written By Shubhanhu Tiwari