why are you waiting? don't wait face your fears today


Have you ever tried your best and give it your all just to see whether you will get what you ever wanted to have . . 
If Yes !! and you still didnt get it
 then you don't know your best enough And how great you are

And If NO !!
then for whom you are waiting

Are you waiting for a storm to come and hit you so that you can blame  it for all your defeats and let it take you away or may be you think this isn't a right time to start and you have not prepared enough. 

If you think today isn't a day to start then what you think is shit
If you will keep waiting this way then you will get nothing and everytime you will try you will get your ## kicked

When you wont be good enough for anything
Not even for being yourself and take your stand because you have been waiting for so long just to start 

I am not saying this life is a race and you have to keep running and you have to become faster and faster no that doesn't matter

First thing you gotta do is to start because you have to be in the race
No matter how slow you will start and slow you will run in the beginning once you will get into the race of life then life will teach you everything

You will get to learn everything with the experiences you will get
But for that you have to get into the race to see what lies inside you and how much you can take and keep your pace 

May be you are not the best but i am sure you are not even the worst

 My friend if you really want to face something then

go and face your fear today

face that everything which scares you and which stops you from trying then today will automatically convert into the perfect day to start your life and get into the race of life.

Written By shubhanshu Tiwari