Life Is A Stuggle

Photo Courtesy- Steve Snodgrass Remix- Shubhz

Life always try to push you down, beat you to your knees and life will test you till your last breathe. Life will never get easy , it will only get harder and harder and you will have to get stronger and stronger because life will never get tired of pushing you to your limits.

We all have to go through the different test of life and you should not blame others for your defeats in life. Life will always be hard and you cannot just sit back and watch the show, you have to fight for your life and its not about how many times you get hit but its about how strongly you stand back every time you get hit.

We all have that something we ever wanted to do, something we really wanna get and you should not be afraid to do what you really wanna do ,  you will have to go through all the struggles and troubles to get where you wanna get and to be what you wanna be.
You have to take the responsibility of yourself and your life.

Life will always welcome you with new opportunities but sometimes your life wants you to create the opportunities by yourself just to see how great you are and how many times you can get hit but still try to survive.

Don't blame anyone if they are not going to support you in your path to destiny because its your life and its your responsibility to fight till your last breathe and show the world how great you are.