Crying Alone Story

(Alone Girl Story Who Cries All Night )

Another day of pain and it is  bringing some more sorrows in my life. I'm just another girl trying to fit in this perfect world with some tummy and dried eyes.
I try new hairstyle everyday and wish someone would notice but there are people to criticize and no one to realize the hurt and pain i feel inside all night.
I did not imagine my life would fall apart this way and i never wished to live in this pain but there are truths that my eyes cannot hide and these tears come out uninvited.

Ugly and Beauty is not everything.
I wish you would understand it someday and you would let me enter you perfect world where i won't find myself insane.

These tears i cannot stop and they keep falling like a river.
My pain inside is drying out like my end is near.
What you think does not matter anymore because my looks won't impress you i am sure.
I don't want to be your another doll because i don't want to fake like you all.
It's okay to not to be so perfect cool
It's my life and I've made some rules.
Even if this pain won't end 
i still promise myself i wont use my tools
to hide this pain again
So what if i am not happy like you at least i sometimes find the joy in being alone and knowing myself more.

Written By Shubhanshu Tiwari