Money Can' Buy Happiness (Part-2)


It was a bright sunny day but not like birds were chirping and butterflies. Blah Blah Blah because we live in city lol
All i am trying to say is it was a good day to forget about money and have a new beginning

( Dad entered alex room)
Mr. Brian- Hey son, Wake up 
you're getting late,  take this your pocket money and this time it's only 70$ that means 30$ less so that you will realize the worth of those 50$ you lost somewhere and you will try to be careful next time.
(Dad left)

(Alex talking to himself)
ugh! ugh! again this money and its worth aaah!
whats the value of money and why it's so important but i am feeling bad because only 70$ for this month  :(

(Alex thought of asking everyone one thing they want the most, So he started writing down what others want)
Alex:- What is that one thing you want the most?
Friend1:- Audi R8 ( dude it's awesome )
( Alex noted down money can buy it)

Friend2:- Euro trip 

FRiend3:- Luxirous Life 

And so on. . 
( Alex realized that money can fulfill everyone's wishes and only money make them happy as the smile he saw on their faces while talking about their wishes shows how much happy they will be when their wishes will come true)

(Alex came to the conclusion that money can make anyone happy and the people who do not have it are sad 
As Alex was walking to her home he saw an old man putting polythene bag inside his shoes so that  they won't hurt him while walking, his face was down and alex was sure that he must be very sad about his condition but when he turned his face to alex (a very smiling face that alex has never seen before ) and alex was shocked to see him smiling .
He was smiling like he has everything he has ever dreamed about or asked for. 
Alex walked to him and offered him some money but the old man rejected his offer and he said
Old Man:- Son i am happy with what i have and i cannot take this money from you because if i will take this money today then i will start expecting it tomorrow and when i won't get money i will feel unsatisfied and in the middle of all this i would surely forget to be happy and enjoy my life and i do not want to be a man full of wishes and needs instead of that i want to be a man full of happiness and peace.

Written By Shubhanshu Tiwari